Please help us spread the word by mentioning the magazine to your business colleagues  

Your 1/16th Ad 
You can submit your 1/16th ad (size 42mm width x 58mm height at 300dpi CMYK). Print ads can be designed using varying software or online using tools such as Canva. As the ads are small we’d recommend limiting the text and using an easily readable font (we recommend 7 points but it depends on the font). If you require assistance, please reach out to us:   

Hidden Stories 
You can email us your suggestions for a social media shout out within ‘the hidden stories’ series:   

Distribution and Events
If you’d like to be a distribution point for the magazine then please let us know. Likewise, if you have a space in which you could host a launch event, we’d also love to know.   

Other Ads 
You’ll also receive a reduced rate on larger ads – approx. 25% off. The supporter rate for an ad in one issue is:   Quarter page: £110+VAT Half page: £200+VAT Full page: £320+VAT Inside back/front cover: £375+VAT Outside back cover: £410+VAT Cover wrap: £1500+VAT   If you would like to block out a series of ads over four issues then the rates can be reduced further. Please get in touch with us:   

We can make short video promos of your local business. We’ve made several films in the past including The Little Cloth Shop. If you’d like a video made of your business or project then we can do this from £500+VAT. This would include one-hour of filming, a 15-minute audio interview, and an edit up to a max of 2.5 minutes with one round of edits and one round of refinement. We can also create social edits at an additional cost. We know that this approach won’t suit all situations or subjects so please email with details of what you would like – and if you would like a more elaborate video, this is also possible and we’re happy to discuss the options. 

In Community
One of the great things about Village Raw is that it’s a magazine that touches on many areas, while remaining local. We really want to engage with projects that offer cross pollination – whether that’s the engagement or coming together of different disciplines or different areas – community building projects that go beyond the boundaries of different councils (the magazine touches on Haringey, Barnet, Islington, Camden and Enfield). If you would like to suggest something then please get in touch: