Local advertising is the lifeblood of community newsletters and magazines – not only does it put your business in front of local users, but it also supports the hyperlocal press and keeps money circulating locally. The other options are flyering, or advertising through Facebook or Google – money that largely heads straight to the USA (in 2017 Facebook paid just £15.8m in UK tax despite sales of £1.3bn).

We live in an area with numerous print options to advertise, including: East Finchley’s long running The Archer newspaper; Becky Beach’s various flyers; Highgate Society’s Buzz; the MHFGA newsletter; and, of course, our very own Village Raw. You can often find these magazines in local cafes and community spaces – we advise researching which might be the best fit for you to reach your target market.

Village Raw has been winning plaudits. It’s written, photographed, and illustrated by locals – and even printed locally – we’re investing in our local community and they’re investing in us. We have a growing subscriber base, and people actively engage with the magazine – seeking it out in the community spaces where we leave it. This means that every copy is read – with many people telling us they read it cover to cover with your advert likely to be seen over a number of sittings.

We wanted Village Raw to be a welcome respite from the torrent of social media, phone and laptop distractions that assail us – a place where people come to take refuge and learn a little something about the area where we live at the same time.

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