Village Raw Magazine - About the magazine


Village Raw is a free quarterly magazine exploring culture and community in the north London areas of Crouch End, East Finchley, Highgate, Muswell Hill and their surroundings (taking in N2, N4, N6, N8, N10, N11, N19, N22). The magazine features the most interesting and exciting stories about the community’s makers and doers, art and culture, writers and thinkers, food and drink, health and wellbeing and nature and environment, and is available to collect from local shops, restaurants, bars, libraries and other community spaces.

Village Raw’s focus is on community building. The magazine’s existence has already led to many friendships, collaborations, events and exhibitions. The writers, photographers and illustrators all live or work within the community. The magazine is even printed locally in East Finchley. It’s a real community endeavour and we like to think that the funding generated through the magazine goes on to circulate locally.


Village Raw Magazine is designed and published by Studio Moe, a creative studio based in Muswell Hill. It’s a family run business with even the kids contributing on occasion. Luciane Pisani edits and designs Village Raw. She is originally from Brazil where she worked on magazine’s including Bravo, Xxxx and Xxxx. David Reeve edits Village Raw and is an occasional filmmaker having co-directed and produced films including Y/Our Music, Larry and Janet Move Out, numerous shorts and many music videos for the band Tindersticks. Studio Moe also publishes Where the Leaves Fall magazine – exploring humankind’s connection with nature.

Since the inception of the magazine we’ve seen contributors come and go, as people move in and out of the area but these are some of the regulars:

Dan Bridge is a professional photographer based in London specialising in commercial, product and interiors/architecture photography with expertise in portraiture, editorial and event photography.

Carla Parks works with words and tells stories. She dreams of being more like Nora Ephron.

Kate Kuzminova is a portrait, documentary and lifestyle photographer.

Ola Nwakodo is an experienced Medical Herbalist who sees clients for short or long-term treatment and support for a range of health concerns that they may be experiencing.

Alison Evans

Zoe Bee

Zoë Norfolk is a professional photographer who specialises in portraits.

Chris King is a documentary & portrait photographer from the north of Ireland, and works internationally on commissioned work, personal projects, and collaborations. Chris also built the Village Raw website.

Miki Lentin is a communications professional with over twenty years of experience across the public and private sectors. Miki is also a writer and is currently working on his second book.

Katrina Mirpuri writes about food, travel, music & social issues, and is a columnist for Glass Magazine.


Mischa Haller is a Swiss reportage and portrait photographer based in London.  He has worked extensively for the UK press, design agencies and branding companies, documenting the faces and places of our times.


Village Raw came to fruition in 2018 after a successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign. We would like to thank the supporters, without whom you wouldn’t be reading this now:

Lito Apostolakou, Chris J Arnold, John Austen, Åse Bergstedt, Danny Birchall, Jenny Blindsides, Katherine Bree, Charlotte Broadribb, Audra’s Brooches, Karina Brookes, Jonathan Carr-West, Malu Cavalcanti, Aimee Charalambous, Paul Christian, Assunta & Mario Cilia, Michael Corkett, William Dean, Michelle Eshkeri, Scott Freedman, Liam Frost, Chiara Del Giudice, Stephen Goldwin, Mario Gomez, Guest 551201422, Almar Haflidason, Peter Hale, Hannah, Nicole Hawkesford, Julia Hines, Edward Hughes, Angel from Intrepid Fork Café, Satu-Maria Jokinen, Yoshimi Kanazawa, Aleksandra Kucza, Kate Kuzminova, Justin Lennox-Bradley, Sofia Kedar, Katherine Klinger, Toni Koppel, Roseanna Montague johnstone, Mousemesh, Muswell Hill Creatives, Flora Nell, Duncan Neill, Monica O-M, Sachin Patel, Jacqueline and David Percy, Jacinta Phillips, Alicia Pivaro, Adriane Pisani, Ply Gallery, Jamie Randal, Chris Reed, Rocketship WordPress, Mathew Sawyer, Dave Scott, Ben Sherman, Oliwia Siem, Melanie Solomou, Patrick Steel, Sarah Stevens, Noel Thomas, Steve Thompson, David Turnbull, Bernardo van de Schepop, Katy Vans, Brenda Wiles, David Wolffepack, Janine Young, Neville Young, Siri Zanelli.