I’m principally an editor and have also produced, directed, filmed, created motion graphics etc. I have a passion for creating compelling short and long-form content across various mediums including video, print, and online. This page is divided into the varying types of work I’ve done – so scroll down for trailers, promos, sizzles / art and culture / music / branded content / motion graphics and animation / charities and NGOs / films / Village Raw and Where the Leaves Fall. Email: davidreeve44@gmail.com


I’ve edited original promos, trailers and sizzle reels for renowned clients such as BFI, Revolver Entertainment, Soda Pictures, Arrow Films, Lionsgate, Warner Bros Television, Tinopolis, BBC, C4 and ITV. These trailers are the official UK theatrical release trailers and I’ve loved cutting every single one of them. For me a trailer is a new composition, a new work – a dance. It’s the interplay of music, sound, dialogue and visual elements to excite, tease and leave someone wanting more.

I’ve also reversioned trailers for social media, YouTube and TV spots. These are some of the ones that I did for Lionsgate UK:

And I’ve filmed and edited various home ent extras including interviews with Mike Leigh, Ken Loach, Gurinder Chadha, The Quay Brothers, Alice Krige, Mark Rylance, Walter Lassally, among others…

ART AND culture

I’ve enjoyed working with a number of artists and arts spaces. I’ve created films for clients including Argent, The Royal Academy, V&A, Sothebys, alongside working with the artists themselves. Some of the films are a documentation of an event or exhibition, others are short documentaries. Here’s a small selection of the films I’ve edited and in some cases, filmed. 


Okay, so most of these videos are for the band Tindersticks – but I’ve loved every moment of making these films – even filming while ill at Abbey Road. I enjoy the process of making music, and beyond these music videos I’ve also filmed standing in the middle of various orchestras which is really awe inspiring. All of these films are solo efforts, apart from Medicine and A Night So Still which were filmed with Patrick Steel, This Fire of Autumn which was photographed with Luciane Pisani, and Light Mind, which at the end of the day I only filmed Daniel’s performance.

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branded content

I’ve edited content for a number of brands including Clinique, Cosmopolitan, John Lewis, Nakd, Burts, Sainsbury’s, Panasonic, Sony, Sonos, Kenwood, Amex and more… Most of this work was with creative studios Greedy Media and Thumbnail. The films were mostly for social media and online, with an occasional TV spot. This has covered how tos, product videos, recipe films and behind the scenes.

motion GRAPHICS and animation

As an editor, working with motion graphics is a really useful skill to have and comes into play in most edits at some point. I’ve dabbled in Cinema 4D but most of these animations are created in After Effects. There’s a range of expressions here – some of them fairly experimental, and others, such as The King Who Invented Ballet (above) were broadcast (this one on BBC). Many of the other videos in this portfolio also contain motion graphics elements.

charities and ngos

I’ve cut and sometimes filmed a lot of videos for charities and NGOs including VSO, ActionAid, MS Society, Blood Cancer UK, Fight Inequality, Stand Up To Cancer, Pathways etc. I’ve edited films that have been shot all over the world, and learned a lot about people’s different lived experiences in the process. One set of films that I’m particularly proud of are the MS Society Active Together films that have received close to 1million views and judging by the comments, helped a lot of people. I shot and edited these films.


Y/our Music immerses itself in the world of Thai music, from traditional music to labour songs and classical pop to urban indie music, spanning different locales and generations. As nine musicians each display their music, the rural or urban environments that influenced their sound are explored. I conceived, co-produced, co-directed and edited this feature documentary that had its world premiere at Busan International Film Festival, it’s North American premiere at SXSW, won best feature at Indie Lisboa and was nominated for the Thailand National Film Association Awards (the Thai equivalent of an Oscar). Rated 8.2 on IMDB.

This meditative, immersive film  is a tribute to the astonishing work and achievements of naturalist, inventor and pioneering British filmmaker F. Percy Smith (1880-1945). I made this film with Stuart A. Staples whose band Tindersticks also provided the score. My editing journey also became a period of research as I delved into books, archive material and the BFI National Film Archives where I identified some previously lost F. Percy Smith films, many of which made their way into Minute Bodies. Released by BFI, the film had a solid festival run and was also went on tour with a live music accompaniment. 

A short 32min documentary that follows Larry and Janet who are forced out of the family home they occupied for over 30 years on the Heygate Estate in Elephant and Castle, London, to make way for the local authority’s redevelopment plans. I co-produced and co-directed the film which the Guardian described as: “a moving account of one couple’s plight, a social commentary for our times.” The film has amassed nearly 50k views on YouTube, had lots of interesting comments and seemingly had some impact on Southwark’s housing policies. You can view the full film:

Passing Through is an innovative 360-degree film featuring Jamaican-born and UK-based 86-year-old trumpet player Eddie ‘Tan Tan’ Thornton, a former student at Alpha Boys School, now Alpha Institute. Put together under the name of Strange Brothers, the film is a deconstructed documentary which, with the help of ambisonic sound, gives space to allow the viewer to construct their own narrative, based on where they look. The film premiered at the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton, and while you can view it online, it’s best experienced on a VR headset.

Filmed and edited this short documentary over two days during COP26 in Glasgow, commissioned by Where the Leaves Fall magazine, which published the film alongside a text. The Power of Protest, or as Dorothy Guerrero comments: “the parliament of the streets”.